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Minecraft Review


Silas Fletcher

This is a sandbox indie game, created by the Swedish Mojang Studios company. Minecraft’s coming out took place in 2009, but the fans had to wait for two more years for the official release. The product is available for many types of platforms and systems, including PCs, consoles, and even mobile phones. There are many versions of Minecraft, and the developers do not stop on those they have already released.

The Gameplay 5/5

There is no general idea in this game. Minecraft is an open world product where you need to collect resources and to build various constructions. The world is generated randomly before each round. This is one of the most important advantages of Minecraft. The game is similar to Lego with one main exception – this online constructor has no guides on how to build various things. You are to be creative to build whatever you want.

There are three modes here – survival, hardcore, and creative mode. The latter is about building various constructions without any risks of being killed by deadly creatures. The two first modes include monsters that will hunt you. However, not only those creatures may kill you. Your character may die from starving! 

Minecraft is both a single and multiplayer game. You can start a singleplayer campaign where you will fight with AI monsters and deal with AI NPCs. In the multiplayer mode, you will be able to team up with other human players to complete missions. 

Graphics 5/5

Minecraft is a totally cubic game with a primitive picture. However, this type of graphics is unique and matches the environment and everything that happens in this game. Minecraft has low system requirements, which is a great advantage of the product. Even though the graphics is full of pixels, the game has many amateurs across the world.

Controls 5/5

If you are playing the game on PC, you can use a keyboard and mouse combination. Console users will be able to choose gamepads. As for those who play Minecraft on their mobile devices, they will use tap controls. 


Minecraft is an open-world game having many fans in various countries. You can build whatever you want there using cubes. Download Minecraft from the official website.

Why We Love It

  • Randomly created maps and scenarios;

  • Many items to collect;

  • Attractive cubic graphics and low system requirements.

What Can Go Wrong

  • The game is poorly optimized;

  • Java Edition has no mod support.


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