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BlueJeans Video Conferencing Review


Silas Fletcher

This application was created by BlueJeans Network. The latest update took place in September 2020. BlueJeans is a great app for video conferences allowing you to meet with your colleagues and friends. The application has more than 1,000,000 downloads via Google Play.

Main App Features

BlueJeans is a premium video chatting service that was designed especially for mobile devices. This app includes the Dolby Voice feature that makes every meeting more effective as you don’t need to listen too closely to what others say. The quality of the sound is outstanding.

One of the best parts of this application is that every meeting can comprise up to 150 attendees. This is a very great figure taking into consideration the quality of video and audio. Moreover, during the event, you can share the content without any limitations on the go.

There is another great feature that you can enjoy. BlueJeans allows you to connect your calendar. You will be able to join the event by tapping the screen. If you are driving the car, there is a special feature allowing you to switch to a safe mode. Download BlueJeans. 


The application offers a very easy and user-friendly interface that you will definitely enjoy when using GoToMeeting. There is no single feature that you can reach in a couple of taps. The application can be synchronized with the calendar, which significantly simplifies all its functionality.

Platforms And Compatibility

BlueJeans was designed mainly for Android and iOS. You can use it on the latest and the oldest versions of those mobile platforms. The app is suitable for various devices including smartphones and tablets.


Download BlueJeans is another video conference app allowing you to host or join meetings wherever you are. It offers a high-quality video and audio connection using cutting edge technologies. To start using it, you can download the application from Google Play and App Store. You don’t need to pay money for its basic functionality.

Why We Love It

  • BlueJeans offers a user-friendly interface and various useful features;
  • The developers have paid much attention to the quality of audio and video connection;
  • The app is delivered for free.

What Can Go Wrong

  • Auto logging out is irritating.
  • The app synchronizes the calendar each time you log in.


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