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Microsoft Word Review


Dominic Hargreaves

This is a Microsoft Corporation software, designed for writing, reading, and editing documents on your mobile device. The latest update took place in September 2020. The application has more than 1,000,000,000 downloads via Google Play. This is one of the most popular pieces of software of a kind. 

MS Word Features

Needless to say that Microsoft Word has many features, as most of the users have already used it for many years on their PCs and laptops. This time, you can try to work with your documents using the mobile device. This is a very suitable app as you can check the documents on the go and edit them if there is such a need.

What else can you do with this application? The developers have added a PDF reader there, allowing users to read and edit this standard of documents. The app is suitable not only for business – journalists, bloggers, webmasters, and even students can use it without any limitations.

Additionally to the above-mentioned features, you can easily share the documents with others and collaborate with your teammates. Users are allowed to manage permissions from a viewer up to an editor. The latter has the right to watch all versions of the draft.


Microsoft Word has a user-friendly interface. Those who already used MS Word for desktop devices will find it very easy to work with the application. As for the newbies, they will spend a couple of minutes understanding how to deal with the app. 


Microsoft Word was designed for various platforms, including the most popular iOS and Android. This cross-platform approach makes it even more popular among users. You can use it on every type of mobile device. The application supports later and older versions of the platforms. 


Microsoft Word was designed for any type of business as well as for freelance users, including bloggers, journalists, ghosts and copywriters, webmasters, proofreaders, etc. This app includes many features allowing you to do whatever you need with any document, even with PDF. 

Why We Love It

  • MS Word app offers various features;

  • It has a very simple and user-friendly interface;

  • The app is available for the most popular mobile platforms.

What Can Go Wrong

  • There are autocorrect issues with the app;

  • You need to buy a subscription to have access to all the features of the app.


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