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Hello Neighbor Review


Silas Fletcher

This game was created by the Russian Dynamic Pixels Studio. Hello Neighbor came out in 2017. It was designed for PCs, consoles, and mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. The game is of average popularity among gamers across the world. 

Hello Neighbor Gameplay 5/5

The game’s plot focuses on the neighbor’s house, where the character has to penetrate and find out what the owner hides in the basement. If the player fails to escape the neighbor, he will restart at his own house, trying to penetrate the neighbor's residence again. However, this time you need to be even more careful as the neighbor will set various traps. 

There is also a less aggressive mode where the owner of the house can’t place traps and will be less hostile in the pursuit. Whatever mode you choose, you need to avoid the neighbor anyway.

The game includes four stages. You are playing in a first-person perspective and need to aim the cursor at some items to interact with them. You can take up to four items with you. If you have items of the same kind, you can put both of them in your inventory.

What is the main idea of this game? You need to solve various puzzles in the neighbor’s house. Once you complete them, you will proceed further. Avoid being captured or injured by the neighbor as this will take you to the initial stage of the level – in your own house – and you will have to restart the game.

Graphics 5/5

Hello Neighbor has cartoon graphics. The system requirements are average, which allows you to play this game even if you don’t have an upgraded modern PC. The picture looks great and has a unique style that you won’t find in any other game of the genre. This is one of the reasons why Hello Neighbor is attractive.

Controls 5/5

If you are playing Hello Neighbor on PC, you will be able to choose between a mouse/keyboard combination or a gamepad (you can plug in any via USB and a special adapter). Console amateurs can use gamepads, and mobile game fans are playing with tap controls. Flexible settings allow you to set up your controller. 


Should you buy Hello Neighbor? This is not a world-famous game, but if you like stealth combined with escape mode, you can definitely give it a try. Visit Steam or the official website to learn more about how to download and install Hello Neighbor.

Why We Love It

  • Interesting plot and attractive gameplay;

  • Cute cartoon animated graphics;

  • Plenty of puzzles to solve.

What Can Go Wrong

  • No multiplayer mode;

  • The replay value is average.


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