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Cisco Webex Meetings Review


Dominic Hargreaves

Cisco Webex Meeting app was designed by Cisco Systems Inc. The latest update of the app took place in September 2020. Cisco Webex Meeting has more than 50,000,000 installs via Google Play, which is a rather high figure showing that the app is popular among users. This application was created mainly for business usage. 

Main Features of the Application

Cisco Webex Meeting is a video conference app allowing you to take part in office life even if you are far away from it. No matter what is your current location and the reason of absence. The app will allow you to get in touch with your colleagues or employees.

According to the app official statistics, more than 25 billion meetings take place via the application each month. The users of Cisco Webex Meeting have an opportunity to not only see each other but also to chat and to exchanges various types of files. 

By using this app, you can easily join or host any meeting you want. The application is integrated with Google Assistant and Google Home Hub. To join an event, you can simply click on it in the calendar or in a special widget. Additionally, you can customize the backgrounds and share the screen with all your counterparts.

Interface Features

The modern conference application should be easy and functional. Cisco Webex Meeting combines both of those advantages. It offers a user-friendly interface and a simple navigation system. You can arrange a video meeting in just a couple of taps. 

Platforms and Compatibility

The latest applications are cross-platform, meaning you can use them on the most popular mobile systems. Cisco Webex Meeting is not an exclusion. This application was designed for both iOS and Android. You can launch it on smartphones or tablets. 


Cisco Webex Meeting is another online conference application designed by the famous Cisco Systems company. It offers many useful features and is a must-have for all businesses, especially if the employees are working remotely or if they are going on business trips frequently. Install Cisco Webex Meeting directly from Google Play or App Store.

Why We Love It

  • The app offers many useful features, including chatting and file attachment;

  • Cisco Webex Meeting has a user-friendly interface;

  • The app is compatible with Android and iOS.

What Can Go Wrong

  • The application has lags according to the users;

  • Some users dislike the user interface.


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