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Brick Rigs Review


Silas Fletcher

Brick Rigs is a physics-based game that is basically about stacking bricks to build structures. It was developed by Pixilate. This game is free to play, and you can play it on your browser. The gameplay in this game consists of two modes: a time attack mode and a free play mode. Brick Rigs is a game with a heavy emphasis on brick building. Players are given a piece of land that they can alter with a variety of brick materials and tools.


There are two modes to play in Brick Rigs: time attack and free play. In the time attack mode, it's your job to stack bricks as quickly and as high as you can. There are also power-ups that you can use to build your structure faster. This mode is unlocked from the beginning. The free play mode is unlocked after you finish the time attack mode. You can use the free play mode to build whatever you want to build, but you are limited to the amount of time you have to build it.

There are two modes in Brick Rigs. In the first mode, players are given a piece of land with a grid on it. Players are then given a variety of brick materials and tools, and are tasked with building a structure on their plot of land. Players are given a certain amount of time to build, and can also use in-game currency to buy more time. The use of in-game currency is not mandatory, but the more players use, the more they can build.

In the second mode, players are given a plot of land to build on. Players can then buy brick materials and tools, similar to the first mode. However, players are not given a specific time limit, and are instead given a certain amount of in-game currency to spend.


The graphics for this game are not terrible, considering that it is a free game. The graphics are fairly basic, and there are not many colors. The graphics are decent for a free game. Brick Rigs has a lot of color, but is a bit on the simple side. The bricks themselves are the same color, and the game does not have a lot of shading.


Brick Rigs is a physics-based game, so it depends on how much you like physics games. If you are someone who likes physics games, this game will not become boring. This game is very repetitious. Players are expected to build brick structures, and there is only a limited amount of bricks and land to build on. This game does not have a lot of replayability, and players may get bored of it very quickly.


This game is basically about building brick structures, and is great for people who like physics games. This game is very basic and has little to no replay value.


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