Minecraft Optifine 1.8: The Famous Mod Gets an Update

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Dominic Hargreaves
15 Dec 2021
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Not only does Minecraft support creativity with its built-in tools. It also attracts various mod makers who improve and perfect it in any possible way. When it comes to visuals, one of the most respected and popular modes is Optifine. And, right after the official update named Cliffs & Caves part 2, Optifine is also updated to 1.8. Let’s see what’s inside.

As usual, Optifine makes Minecraft look much better without any significant difference in performance. It’s impressive, given how much better the game looks with it. Even on potato computers, Optifine Mod makes Minecraft look way better than it was originally designed. The voxel bricks remain, but the lighting becomes much better, the HD textures look like they have always been here, and the FPS grows dramatically.

Among its improvements, there are better fog, sky, and snow visualization, time of the day, random mob textures, and many other minor fixes. Together, though, they make a major change in the impression. Even if you are an old-time Minecraft fan but have never tried OptiFine, this will be a way to look at your favorite game like it’s the first time.

To install Optifine 1.8, download it from the official site. (Doesn’t it look like Minecraft of web design?) Make sure you have the original Minecraft installed. Then you have two options: either install it with Minecraft Forge (a useful thing if you use multiple mods) or just install it with the built-in Java on Windows. To choose the latter, right-click on the .JAR file you have downloaded and choose “Open with -> Java”, after which install it to your Minecraft folder. After you do it, the OptiFine version will be available in the launch menu of Minecraft.

Are you a Minecraft player? Have you tried the OptiFine mod earlier? Would you do it now that it’s got so much greater? Which other mods have you tried? Let’s have a Minecraft talk in the comments!

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