Is Poppy Playtime Coming to Consoles?

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Dominic Hargreaves
24 Nov 2021
Is Poppy Playtime Coming to Consoles? image

Poppy Playtime is a horror title that is gaining popularity. Which platforms is it available for as of now?

Poppy Playtime is exclusively tied to Windows PC. Although, with enough luck, you can launch it on Linux if you run the likes of Ubuntu or Linux Mint.

As for the consoles, Poppy Playtime is sadly unavailable for Xbox, PlayStation 5, or Nintendo Switch. However, due to its meteoric rise in payer numbers, porting might happen soon.

Especially surprising that Xbox S/X and Switch aren’t on the menu. While Xbox is in the same ecosystem as PC, Nintendo does a marvelous job at supporting a cavalcade of indie horrors like Yomawan, Amnesia, Layers of Fear, Little Nightmares, and so on. 

Poppy Playtime is available for less than 2 dollars. However, its humble price doesn’t make it one of the penny dreadfuls, a gazillion of which you can find on Steam.

It’s a captivating thriller, during which you investigate an abandoned toy factory. Years ago, all personnel mysteriously vanished, which was an alarming sensation throughout the States.

You’re the only worker left, and your goal is to learn what fate has happened to your colleagues, and which diabolical forces were behind the whole thing.

While exploring the old Playtime Co. factory, you will immerse into a wonderful retro atmosphere of the 70s, run into some genuinely scary animatronics, and get to fiddle with the game’s unique mechanics.

Soon enough, you will realize that the toys are possessed. And the main source of all evil is the Poppy — a talking doll for girls who was advertised as the only “smart doll in existence”.

Your #1 tool will be the GrabPack Hands: a toy gizmo, which allows you to manipulate things from distance.

So far, Poppy Playtime isn’t on consoles. But odds are, the port is just around the corner. And what’s your opinion on Poppy? Let us know in the comments!

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