Instagram’s Creator Tag Will Give More Exposure to Content Creator

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Dominic Hargreaves
16 Mar 2022
Instagram’s Creator Tag Will Give More Exposure to Content Creator image

Instagram has added a new tag type that allows creators to tag people they’ve collaborated with and people who somehow influenced their work. This will allow providing direct credit to everyone who worked on creating that post, enabling people to get more exposure instead of remaining unseen.

Instagram has stated that it is more important than ever to credit people who are inspiring each other and driving our culture forward. This is particularly vital for creators who are underrepresented or marginalized and are often left unseen.

For example, a number of Black creators have called out TikTok for not giving them credit for starting a number of viral trends that are then made popular by white influencers. This is the reason why Instagram has updated its tags, allowing creators to mention everyone who has contributed to the photo or video post.

Overall, this is a step in the right direction and tags shouldn’t be simply used for writing usernames or names of products. The new tags will allow people to discover more information about the posts that caught their attention and help find talented people that made this post possible.

If you wish to tag people using this new tag all you have to do is to tap on ‘Tag People’ after writing a caption for the post. Then you have to select ‘Add Tag’ where you can search for all of the contributors and finally tap on ‘Show Profile Category’, which will allow you to display the creator category.

Do you collaborate with other people when making posts for Instagram? Are you happy that Instagram has added a new tag that allows mentioning all the people who were involved? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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