Google Assistant Learns Pronouncing Your Friends’ Names

Dominic Hargreaves Avatar
Dominic Hargreaves
30 Apr 2021
Google Assistant Learns Pronouncing Your Friends’ Names image

Although Google Assistant is the most popular and actually very helpful in performing a variety of routine tasks, it’s still not perfect. Google improves its assistant quite often, and the latest update has largely improved its ability to understand context clues. Now the AI can detect differences between multiple queries and interconnect the latter with the previous ones. 

The next improvement covered natural language processing quality. Now the AI can understand you better and respond with almost 100% accuracy. It can also simultaneously analyze what’s happening on the display at the moment to make more accurate conclusions based on that context. The overall benefit of these improvements is all about making communication between you and your device more natural and streamlined. 

Finally, you can now teach your assistant how to pronounce your friends’ names more accurately. This feature will be highly effective for processing names with a unique spelling. Currently, the feature is available only for Google’s own devices, but it will soon reach other platforms. What improvements would you like to see in Google Assistant? Share the news and tell about your point of view in the comments. 

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