Enhancing Security: LinkedIn and X Adding Passkey Support

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Silas Fletcher
29 Aug 2023
Enhancing Security: LinkedIn and X Adding Passkey Support image

There's an undercurrent of change in the fabric of online security as prominent platforms X and LinkedIn gear up to augment their user verification methods. Steve Moser's revealing reports indicate that there could be new back-end code updates enabling passkey support coming soon to these platforms. Though not officially mentioned by either party, this move towards employing cryptographic data transfers for secure log-in presents an interesting development.

This would mean smoother user access with on-device biometric authentication options, such as Face and Touch ID, paving the way for more secure and easier sign-ins. It's worth noting that passkeys are not your everyday password. They are designed to withstand phishing attempts, always feature robust security, and do not operate over a shared secret system.

Passkeys are a product of the FIDO Alliance, and its mission is to counteract the escalating trend of online scams. They act as personalized identifiers, making it an uphill task for anyone trying to misuse your details. Initiatives like these are key in an era where digital identity theft is becoming alarmingly commonplace.

Propelling their commitment to enhancing digital security, tech giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft have also vowed to support passkeys in their apps and platforms. As the rate of cyberthreats continues to rise, online platforms are realizing the importance of upping their defenses, and the added passkey security options could very well become the norm rather than the exception.

While the inclusion of passkey access in apps like X and LinkedIn is yet to be officially confirmed, the signs look promising. This trend towards more secure authentication techniques might make social media usage much more secure and a whole lot easier.

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