Top 5 War Machines Alternatives for Army & Military Gaming Enthusiasts

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Silas Fletcher
24 Apr 2023
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Tank enthusiasts and military gamers get ready to experience some of the most epic tank battles in these top 5 alternative war machine games. Whether you prefer realistic simulations or more arcade-style action, there's a game on this list for you. Dive into the thrilling world of armored warfare and lead your army to victory with these exceptional games that rival the popular Tank Battle - Army & Military Games. 

World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz logo

World of Tanks Blitz is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game that boasts over 100 million players worldwide. This cross-platform game is available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, allowing tank fanatics to engage in epic battles regardless of their device.


World of Tanks Blitz features over 350 unique and detailed tanks from various countries, including the United States, Germany, Russia, and more. Players can upgrade their tanks with various equipment and consumables to enhance their performance on the battlefield. The game offers both Player vs. Environment (PvE) and Player vs. Player (PvP) modes, with 7v7 battles being the most popular format. With a variety of maps, game modes, and regular in-game events, World of Tanks Blitz promises endless hours of entertainment.

Story and Setting

The game takes place in a fictional universe where players can immerse themselves in historical tank battles. Although there's no specific storyline, World of Tanks Blitz features a robust progression system that encourages players to research and unlock new tanks and equipment, providing a sense of accomplishment and progression.

Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare logo

Armored Warfare is a free-to-play tactical military game that delivers modern tank combat and intense battles. Developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by, Armored Warfare is available on Windows PC and PlayStation 4.


Armored Warfare offers a range of PvE and PvP game modes, including competitive ranked matches and cooperative missions. Players can choose from five unique vehicle classes, each with its own playstyle and role on the battlefield. By earning experience points and in-game currency, players can unlock and upgrade various tanks and armored vehicles from modern military forces. Additionally, Armored Warfare features a unique "Commander" system, which allows players to recruit and train various commanders to enhance their vehicles' performance.

Story and Setting

Set in a modern, near-future world, Armored Warfare presents players with a series of cooperative missions that follow a loose narrative, focusing on the struggle for resources and territories in a war-torn world. Today's military technology inspires the game's setting and vehicle designs, providing a realistic and immersive experience for military enthusiasts.

War Thunder

War Thunder logo

War Thunder is a free-to-play MMO combat game featuring tank battles and aerial and naval warfare. Developed and published by Gaijin Entertainment, War Thunder is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


War Thunder offers a vast selection of vehicles from various countries and time periods, ranging from World War II to modern-day military forces. Players can participate in arcade-style battles or more realistic simulations, with game modes catering to casual and hardcore players. The game also features a comprehensive damage model, which takes into account factors such as armor thickness, angle, and shell type, providing an authentic and immersive combat experience.

Story and Setting

War Thunder doesn't have a specific storyline; instead, it offers players the opportunity to participate in historical battles, recreating famous encounters from World War II and beyond. The game's maps are inspired by real-world locations, adding to the immersive and realistic atmosphere.

Steel Armor: Blaze of War

Steel Armor Blaze of War game

For those who prefer a single-player experience, Steel Armor: Blaze of War offers an engaging and in-depth tank simulation. Developed by Graviteam and published by UIG Entertainment, Steel Armor: Blaze of War is available on Windows PC.


Steel Armor: Blaze of War provides an authentic tank simulation experience, focusing on realistic vehicle physics, damage models, and ballistics. Players can take command of either Soviet or American forces in two extensive campaigns, each featuring a dynamic mission system that adapts to the player's performance. The game also includes a variety of scenarios and skirmish battles, allowing players to test their skills in various tactical situations.

Story and Setting

Set during the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s and the Angolan Civil War, Steel Armor: Blaze of War offers a unique and rarely explored setting for tank enthusiasts. Players will experience the challenges and hardships of commanding armored forces in these brutal conflicts, providing a unique perspective on these historical events.

Tank Force

Tank Force logo

Tank Force is a free-to-play online tank battle game that combines the elements of both arcade and simulation-style gameplay. Developed and published by Extreme Developers, Tank Force is available on Windows PC and Android devices.


Tank Force offers a variety of game modes, including PvE missions and PvP battles. Players can choose from over 100 tanks from various countries, each with its own unique characteristics and abilities. The game features a progression system that rewards players with new tanks and upgrades as they advance through the ranks. Tank Force also includes a comprehensive customization system, allowing players to modify their vehicles' appearance and performance to suit their playstyle.

Story and Setting

Tank Force doesn't have a specific story or setting, opting instead to focus on providing an engaging and varied gameplay experience. Players can participate in battles set in various environments, from deserts to urban landscapes, adding to the game's replayability and appeal.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, these five games offer diverse experiences for tank battle enthusiasts and military gamers. Whether you prefer the fast-paced action of World of Tanks Blitz or the in-depth simulation of Steel Armor: Blaze of War, a game on this list will cater to your interests and keep you engaged for hours on end. So gear up, roll out, and dominate the battlefield with these epic war machine alternatives.


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