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Secret Neighbor Review


Dominic Hargreaves

This is an indie action game from the Russian Dynamic Pixels studio. Secret Neighbor came out in 2019. You can launch it on PC or Xbox. There will be also Secret Neighbor PS4 release in late 2020. The game has almost 6K positive reviews on Steam.

Gameplay 5/5

You are stuck somewhere in the middle between the 1st and the 2nd act of Hello Neighbor. A group of children wants to penetrate into the neighbor’s residence to save their mate. However, there is a little problem. One of the teammates is a traitor! He is a neighbor, and his main mission is to gain trust and to betray children later. The kids win if they get into the basement.

You have two choices this time – to be a kid or a neighbor. If you choose the first way, you will need to collect keys, save your friends, and cooperate with teammates but never trust them. The second mode will allow you to get under the neighbor’s skin.

You will try to gain children’s trust and attack them at any moment you want. Your main task is to protect your basement at any cost. The neighbor can use gadgets to get a leg up on kids. Use your house to complete all the missions. Here you have everything you need to separate children and to prevent them from getting into the basement.

Graphics 5/5

If you have already played Hello Neighbor, you will find the very same graphics in the Secret Neighbor game. Those who are looking at this game for the first time should know that the picture is specific here. You will dive into the cartoon world with unique locations and environments.

Controls 5/5

There is nothing easier than controlling your character in Secret Neighbor. You can use both keyboard and mouse playing on a PC or a gamepad if you use a console to launch this game. Mobile gadget users will be pleased to play using tap controls.


What is Secret Neighbor, and why should you pay attention to this game? The product is a sequel to Hello Neighbor and inherits all the advantages of the first two parts of the game. You can buy Secret Neighbor via Steam. You can also purchase a bundle including Hello Neighbor and Secret Neighbor.

Why We Love It

  • Many puzzles to solves;
  • You can choose between playing as a kid or a Neighbor;
  • The game offers unique attractive cartoon graphics.

What Can Go Wrong

  • The replay value of the game is average.


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