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Pokémon Quest Review


Dominic Hargreaves

Pokémon Quest is a new interpretation of the franchise developed for the Nintendo Switch. Released on June 20, 2018, Pokémon Quest is a spin-off of the main series games that revolve around catching and battling Pokémon. Pokémon Quest is an unusual game as the player does not battle wild Pokémon or other trainers. Rather, the player builds a team of Pokémon and sends them off on an adventure. The player sends their Pokémon to explore various areas in order to find power-ups, ingredients, and treasure. Monsters will battle other monsters in turn-based combat.

Pokémon Quest is a free to play mobile game with a familiar format. Players help gather resources to create culinary delights, which they then take into dungeons to battle wild Pokémon. They can also recruit new Pokémon to their party, leveling them up by feeding them dishes to increase their stats. Players can also customize their team by equipping items to their Pokémon.


The player gathers ingredients to make meals. The player can then feed the meals to the Pokémon in the team to create higher level monsters. Gathered ingredients can also be used to power up the Pokémon. The player can explore various areas of the Island to find more ingredients, treasure, and a variety of wild monsters. The player can also find a variety of recipes to cook.

In this game, players explore the Tumblecube Island, searching for ingredients to cook up. Ingredients are found by fighting wild Pokémon and completing quests. Players can also recruit new Pokémon to their team by cooking them a dish they like, which will increase their stats. Players can also customize their party by equipping items to the Pokémon.


The graphics are a 2D interpretation of the franchise. The graphics give the game more personality. The graphics are very basic, with each Pokémon looking like a cube with a single texture. The simplicity is nice though, and the animation is smooth and the game is responsive.


The game has a low replayability factor because of the limited number of areas to explore. Pokémon Quest is a game that is not very difficult, as most battles only require one or two turns to complete. There is an adventure mode, but it is quite short and there are only six different quests. The game is not very replayable, as there is not much to look forward to after completing the adventure mode.


A basic, easy to play Pokémon game, which is perfect for the mobile platform. The game has a low replayability factor though, as there is not much to do once the adventure mode is completed.


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