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PDF Viewer & Book Reader Review


Silas Fletcher

The application is a brainchild of Maple Media. This piece of software was updated in October 2020. PDF Viewer and Book Reader allows you to conduct various activities with PDF files as well as to read the book of this format. More than 5,000,000 users have already downloaded it from Google Play.


PDF Viewer and Book Reader is one of the ways to deal with PDF files. It allows you to download and open files, documents, and books as well as to edit them. You can get those files from various sources, including emails or cloud storage.

This piece os software offers a bookshelf where you can store your favorite books to read them later. There is a bookmark option allowing you to return to the place where you have left off last time. With this app, you can easily share PDF files and send them to any recipient. 

PDF Viewer and Book Reader offers a search function, which is a great way to look for any PDF you have on your device. Using this feature, you can also find some necessary parts of the text in your documents. And even more. There is a built-in unzip feature allowing you to download archives and to unpack them on your device without any third-party pieces of software.


You don’t need to be a skilled user to launch this app. If you have received or downloaded a PDF format document or book, you can tap on it, and they will automatically open on your device. All features are available without any limitations. You will enjoy using this application as it is very easy and understandable.


PDF Viewer and Book Reader was designed for Android devices only. If you need an app of a kind for your iOS gadget, you can look for it in the App Store. Launch your PDF documents and books on your smartphone or tablet. 


This piece of software is an easy way to deal with any type of PDF file. You can create your own book library and use bookmarks to return to reading later. This is a free app. You can download PDF Viewer and Book Reader from Google Play.

Why We Love It

  • Easy way to deal with all types of PDF documents and books;

  • The app offers a user-friendly interface;

  • Use bookmarks to return to your reading later.

What Can Go Wrong

  • Users report problems with printing from PDF documents;

  • The app has too many ads.


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