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Google Calendar Review


Silas Fletcher

Google Calendar allows you to plan your daily routine and create various events. This application was designed by Google LLC. The latest update took place in October 2020. It has more than 1,000,000,000 downloads via Google Play.

Main App Features

The main feature of the app is that you can easily add events to the calendar by tapping on a date. By doing this, you will be able to set various alerts and notifications. Google Calendar allows you to easily switch between days, weeks, and months. 

One of the benefits of this application is that you can synchronize it with your Gmail. This simple step allows you to significantly increase the number of functions this app is able to work with. By adding your email, you will have an opportunity to get such events as flights, concerts, hotel bookings, and others. They will be added automatically to your schedule. 

The to-do feature allows you to set reminders on all the events you are planning for the nearest future. The users can add their personal goals for a day or a week, and the time will be scheduled automatically. Finally, you can synchronize all your calendars. 


This appl offers a user-friendly interface. You can easily browse through the calendar setting goals and tasks and adding comments to them. Only a couple of taps separate you from the most remote points of this piece of software. It offers a very simple navigation system that you will definitely enjoy while using it.


Google Calendar is available for various platforms and devices. You can use it on your PC or laptop via a browser. This app is also suitable for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Google Calendar can be launched on Android and iOS. 


If you want to plan your day, you can use Google Calendar. This application is for those who are in search of the ideal day planner with various features. To run it, you need to install Google Calendar for free from Google Play or App Store.

Why We Love It

  • This app has many useful features allowing you to plan your day, week, and month;

  • Google Calendar offers a user-friendly interface and great design;

  • You can synchronize it with Gmail to increase the number of available functions.

What Can Go Wrong

  • There are bugs with the correct date demonstration;

  • Some users can’t see the icon on the app on their mobile device desktops


  • Productivity