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Fortnite Review


Silas Fletcher

If you've been active in the gaming sector, chances are you've come across the name Fortnite in one way or another. It's a name that's changed the face of online gaming and currently sits proudly at the top as one of the most popular games around the globe. The game springs from the imaginative mind of developers at Epic Games and People Can Fly, but what's more fascinating about Fortnite is how it has managed to span different ages, generations, and player abilities, becoming an international sensation.

At the heart of its success is a vibrant, addictive, and inclusive nature that allows both experienced gamers and newcomers to find enjoyment. Fortnite presents an array of gameplay styles, a dynamic open-world environment, a competitive edge, and a colorful, attractive design that has made it a hit among gamers. But just like anything that graces the screen, there are both aspects we adore and those that aren't so pleasant. Let's delve deeper into this.

Exhilarating Game-play Dynamics

When you boot up Fortnite for the first time, you’re sure to be met with a unique blend of fast-paced survival and shooter mechanics combined with the creative aspect of crafting and building. The game has two main modes: 'Save the World', a cooperative survival game, and 'Battle Royale', a free-to-play PVP(Payer-versus-Player) mode.

In 'Battle Royale', you are one of 100 players dropped onto an Island, and the aim is to become the last man standing. You need to quickly gather materials for building find resources, and weapons to defend yourself while the map progressively shrinks. This relentless tension created by the ever-closing storm, combined with the strategic aspect of combat and building, provides a gaming experience unlike any other.

Expanding on the Gameplay

Fortnite's gameplay, primarily in its Battle Royale version, is a mix of shooting, crafting, and building strategies that elevate the game to a unique level in the gaming arena.

Players begin the game by jumping off the 'Battle Bus', a vibrant blue school bus suspended by a hot air balloon. The players parachute onto a vast island with varied landscapes, ranging from dense forests and towering mountains to serene beaches and urban cities. Once landed, only your wits and skills can help you survive.

You begin with no weapons, materials, or resources and must scavenge for them from the surroundings. That includes looting from buildings, opening treasure chests, supply drops, and eliminating other players. You can find assortments of guns, explosives, and healing items such as bandages and shields to bolster your chances of survival.

But Fortnite isn't just a shooter game. It also engages a unique building aspect that differentiates it from other battle royale games. You can harvest resources like wood, metal, and stone by using your pickaxe on virtually anything in the environment. These materials are what you use to construct walls, ramps, floors, and ceilings. You can create forts for defense, bridges to cross ravines, or towers for sniping enemies. Understanding and mastering this building mechanic is essential for winning in Fortnite.

Moreover, the game encourages tactics and strategy. You can sneak up and surprise your enemies, engage them in a straight-up gunfight, or use your structures to outmaneuver them.

Also notable is the 'Storm', an encroaching circle that periodically decreases the playable area on the map. The storm inflicts damage to any players caught in it, nudging them towards each other and ensuring engagements.

Beyond that, Fortnite's in-game events or 'Seasons' provide new themes, map alterations, and challenges that keep the gameplay feeling fresh and engaging. These seasons have included everything from superhero-themed content to a Star Wars crossover, highlighting Fortnite's playful and inclusive ethos.

So, overall, Fortnite's gameplay can become an electrifying blur of fast-paced strategy, on-the-spot creation, and high-stakes combat, offering an immersive, unpredictable gaming experience.


Despite its popularity and addictive nature, Fortnite is not without its downsides. Some players complain about the frequent changes and updates that alter the game's dynamics drastically. These frequent changes, while keeping the game fresh, can be frustrating to players who need to continuously adapt.

Another common criticism is the game's "grind" nature. Progressing and achieving higher levels or better items often requires a significant amount of time and commitment. This can deter casual players or those who can't afford to devote large chunks of time to gaming.

Users' Impressions of Fortnite

The reputation of Fortnite among its users is overwhelmingly positive. Gamers applaud the gameplay's mix of shooter and survival elements, complimenting the building aspect that adds a layer of depth and tactic. Additionally, the regular updates make the game feel fresh, and the introduction of new seasons brings exciting changes that keep players engaged.

The accessible nature of Fortnite has also been praised. Its free-to-play model, cross-platform compatibility, and inclusive attitude towards gamers of all skill levels have struck a chord with players worldwide.

Finally, the game's social aspect is something that many Fortnite players value. The cooperative nature, the collective battles, and the sense of being part of an enormous online community give gamers a sense of belonging that extends far beyond the gameplay.


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