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Fidget Trading 3D - Fidget Toys Review


Silas Fletcher

Fidget Trading 3D - Fidget Toys is a simple game/app that comes from the developer of the famous and very addictive game/app called "Fidget Spinner" (which is now on it's 3rd version). The game/app is still in it's early stages and there are still some bugs and glitches, but it's still a fun game/app and I'm sure that the developer will fix all the bugs and glitches in the near future.


The game/app is very simple: you have to tap the screen to throw balls to the other player, and the balls will bounce off the obstacles to go in the other direction. The goal is to hit the other player's balls. You can also collect power-ups and use them to throw more balls or to earn more points. There are a few power-ups to choose from, but only one power-up can be used at a time. You can also choose to pay real money to unlock other power-ups.


Graphics of this game are simple, flat and minimalistic. Controls are very easy to use. The main reason for me to play this game is because of its graphics, it looks like a paper toy. This game has one more advantage - it is available for both Android and iOS.


The replayability of this game is not high. You can play a few times because of the new missions and the different items that you can get but you will soon get bored of the game.

The game's replayability is also low because of the short duration of the game. It took me 15 minutes to complete the game. It is a very small game for a mobile phone that will not take up much of your time.


The game is very fun to play and is worth the twenty minutes of your time. It is free to download and play so you have not much to lose. I would recommend this game to people who like to play simple and minimalist games.



  • Casual