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Feed and Grow: Fish Review


Silas Fletcher

Feed and Grow: Fish is a simulation game available on iOS and Android. The objective of the game is to grow and take care of fish by feeding and cleaning up their habitat. Feed and Grow: Fish is a mobile game for iOS and Android devices. Players are tasked with the goal of growing a fish from birth to adulthood. The player is able to grow a fish by feeding it, or by adding it to their tank if it is not large enough. In order to grow a fish, the player has to grow feed.


In the game, players will be given an aquarium which they will need to fill with water, put a piece of food in the water to attract some fish, and then feed the fish with food by tapping on them. You will need to clean up the fish's habitat periodically to keep it clean. The game features many different types of fish, with each type having unique behaviors. There are also many types of food, plants, and decorations to give your aquarium a unique look. The player starts with one fish, a small tank, and some feed. The player can either feed the fish with the feed they have, or they can grow more feed and feed the fish with this. The player has to make sure that the fish is fed as often as possible, and that the tank is large enough to hold the fish's growth. As the fish grows, it will need more and more food and space.


The graphics are colorful and cartoon-like, and the game is easy to navigate. Feed and Grow: Fish has a variety of graphics, including the main screen, the fish tank, and the fish.


Although the game does not have a storyline and is fairly repetitive, it does feature unlockable achievements. Feed and Grow: Fish has a player rating of 4.4 stars on Apple's app store. The game is available for free, and offers in-game purchases.


Feed and Grow: Fish is a simple game that is easy to play. The graphics are attractive and the game is free, but it is repetitive and there is no storyline.


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