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Discord - Chat for Gamers Review


Silas Fletcher

Discord is a free (Yes it is free) voice and text chat app that has gained popularity recently and is now used by gamers to communicate with each other. The app was created by Hammer & Chisel and was released in 2015 to provide a free alternative to Skype, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo and others.

The app is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

The big selling point for Discord is that it is free (A free voice chat app?) and it does not require a login (No account needed?). The app allows you to create text and voice channels, and it also allows you to create private one-on-one voice and text chat rooms. You can invite friends and other players to your voice and text channels.

App Features

With Discord, you can create text and voice channels, share images, create text and voice channels, add bots, add custom emojis, invite friends to groups with custom roles, join different servers and channels.

And here are the top 5 features of the app:

You can create channels with different roles - you can make server owner, server moderator, server member, regular user and guest, invite friends to channels that you create and set roles for them, add bots that can help you with different tasks.

You can share images, videos and links in channels, but it's not possible to share them outside of Discord to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Discord has a bit complicated interface, which means it takes some time to get used to it. The interface is not the only thing that differs from the standard VoIP applications. There are a lot of bugs and various issues, which are still being repaired.


Discord is a cross-platform VoIP application that works on almost every platform, even mobile. You can download Discord from its official website.


Discord is a great VoIP application, it is not that popular as you might think, but it is better than most VoIP applications. It has many great features, but there are a lot of bugs and issues that need to be repaired.


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