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Brawl Stars Review


Silas Fletcher

Brawl Stars is a free online shooter, which was created by Supercell company in the middle of 2017. The game became popular in a short time, because of famous developers. Now more than 50 million people have downloaded it on iOS and Android devices combined. Brawl Stars is a top-view shooter, where your mission is to eliminate the enemy team. The game has some MOBA elements and a battle royal basis.

Gameplay 5/5

The game is full of different game modes. For example, one of those is called GEM GRAB. In this mode, you have to cooperate with other players. There are two teams with three players in each team. Your goal is to take 10 gems and hold them for a few seconds. However, if your enemy kills you, all the gems will be lost.

The second mode called Heist. There you should fight with your enemy and destroy their base. You can also steal enemy money. But besides attacking you should also protect your base.

The third mode allows you to play football. However, you have to kill your enemies because they will try to prevent you from scoring a goal. You should also defend your football goals. You will win after you scored two goals or lose if the enemy team scored two goals faster than you.

The next mode is a battle royal mode. There you will play with 9 more players. The goal is simple - be the only man who managed to survive. However, this mode is not popular in Brawl Start. We should also mention that not all the modes here are popular, so in different cases, it can be challenging to find an opponent.

Graphics 4/5

Graphics here look almost the same as in other Supercell`s games. Developers decided to use 3D graphics with the top view, which may not be the kind you prefer. But animation in this game looks good. All the gunshots and special effect do not look mediocre. The game looks fancy thanks to the great job of the developers.

Replay Value 4/5

The game is interesting to play. However, you might get bored very soon. The best way you can play is to play with friends. If you do that, the game will surely bring you a lot of positive impressions.

Controls 5/5

Game's controls are so smooth, and easy as it's possible. There are only three buttons on the screen. The left virtual joystick allows you to move your character. The right joystick will help you in a shooting. You have to aim at the enemy and then lift up your finger. To shoot faster, you can do a couple of taps on the shoot button.


Brawl Stars is a fun online shooter with a top view and pretty interesting graphics. There are lots of modes here, which makes it more interesting to play the game because you will have to spend a lot of time exploring these modes. However, the game might get bored after a few weeks of playing. For the best experience, we recommend you to play with friends.


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