How Simple Printable Calendars Increase Your Productivity

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Silas Fletcher
01 Feb 2021
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In 2021, we will be completely merged with technology: every task, no matter if it is work or personal issues, now has a specific software to carry it out. Calendars are no exception: there are dozens of apps and websites on all devices that are used as a common calendar. However, the old school calendars that are printable are more helpful for your productivity than any electronic editions.

Why Use Paper?

Of course, the calendar apps provide more features like notifications or links to the planned meetings and other compared to paper calendars. However, we have already spent too much time on our gadgets: a paper calendar will both give your eyes some rest and let you take a break from the technologies for a few minutes. Moreover, the productivity calendar, printable edition to be specific is a tool that is better recognized by your brain. There is so much information coming from your phone and your computer that your brain filters it, and you will have to look up what’s next on your calendar several times a day.

On the other hand, printable productivity calendars are usually designed specifically for you to remember the content easily. The days are filled with different colors, and the image is always very simple. You can also fill in the necessary information by yourself, and it will be easy to remember it thanks to the visual memory.

Where to Get a 2021 Printable Calendar?

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There are several ways to have a printed calendar for yourself in 2021. Of course, they are always available at bookstores or newspaper kiosks, but there might be none of those nearby, or they might not have the exact thing you want. If you need a printable calendar designed specifically to increase your productivity, there are lots of options to order one: with delivery, or you can even print it out yourself. The good thing about printing a calendar manually is that you can find a suitable template for yourself and fill the most important days beautifully with digital content before you print it out.

Ground Rules

In order to make the printed calendar helpful for productivity, you have to follow several ground rules while using it. First of all, it is necessary to place the calendar on a visible spot, so that you can look at it at any moment. This will help you memorize the content better as the visual memory triggers with each glance.

Another great thing is to use color-coding. This implies marking different kinds of tasks that you wrote down in your calendar with different colors. This is a great way to separate business and personal tasks visually or categorize them otherwise. And the last great thing to do with a printed calendar is to evaluate the results of each month and try to improve them. Therefore, you should mark your results at the end of the day to have some data for analysis at the end of the month.

Conclusion: Great Visual Tool

Despite the technology never stops developing, printable calendars are not outdated yet. They have their digital analogs, but the physical editions work better with your memory and help you spend a little less time with your devices. The printed calendars are very cheap, so there should be nothing stopping you from at least trying to keep one of those and check the results.

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