Honkai: Star Rail - Mastering the Bailu Build for Ultimate Power

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Dominic Hargreaves
01 May 2023
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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on building an unstoppable Bailu in Honkai: Star Rail. With this build guide, you will learn how to maximize your character's potential by equipping her with the most suitable relics, light cones, and traces. Get ready to dominate your foes and become a true force to be reckoned with in the world of Honkai: Star Rail!

1. Equipping the Best Relics for Bailu

In order to make your Bailu as powerful as possible, it's crucial that you equip her with high-quality relics that enhance her stats and complement her abilities. The following relics are the best options for a successful Bailu build:

A. The Crown of Glory: This relic provides a significant boost to Bailu's damage output, making it an essential addition to any offensive build.

B. The Wings of Freedom: To increase Bailu's survivability, consider equipping her with this relic that grants a considerable HP boost and reduces incoming damage.

C. The Eye of Judgement: This relic is perfect for enhancing Bailu's overall combat effectiveness by increasing her critical hit rate and critical damage multiplier.

D. The Heart of Justice: If you want your Bailu to be more durable in battle, this relic is an excellent choice as it provides bonus HP and defense.

Ensure that you use these relics strategically and upgrade them regularly to maximize their potential benefits.Best Relics for Bailu


2. Choosing the Best Light Cones for Bailu

Light cones are another vital aspect of building a powerful character in Honkai: Star Rail. For an effective Bailu build, consider equipping these light cones:

A. Xinghua Cone (Offensive): This light cone significantly enhances Bailu’s attack power and critical hit rate, making it perfect for players focusing on dealing massive damage.

B. Shuangjian Cone (Defensive): If you prioritize Bailu's survivability, this light cone offers increased HP and defense, allowing her to take more hits while staying in the fight.

C. Lianhua Cone (Support): To boost Bailu’s utility in battle, this light cone grants additional healing effects and support abilities, making her a valuable asset to the team.

Choose the light cones that best align with your preferred playstyle and remember to upgrade them regularly for maximum effectiveness.

3. Prioritizing Traces for Bailu

Traces are essential for strengthening your character's abilities in Honkai: Star Rail. Here are the traces you should prioritize for Bailu:

A. Attack Traces: Focus on traces that increase Bailu's attack power and critical hit rate to enhance her damage output.

B. Defense Traces: Prioritize traces that boost Bailu's HP and defense to improve her survivability in battles.

C. Support Traces: To make Bailu a more versatile fighter, invest in traces that grant additional healing effects or buffs to teammates.

Determine which traces align with your preferred playstyle, whether it be offensive, defensive, or support-focused.

Prioritizing Traces

4. Combining Relics, Light Cones, and Traces for Maximum Effectiveness

Now that you have an understanding of the best relics, light cones, and traces for Bailu let's discuss how to combine them effectively:

A. Offensive Build: Equip Bailu with The Crown of Glory relic and Xinghua Cone while focusing primarily on attack traces to create a high-damage output character capable of decimating foes quickly.

B. Defensive Build: Choose The Wings of Freedom relic and Shuangjian Cone along with defense-oriented traces for a tanky build that can withstand heavy hits from enemies while protecting allies.

C. Support Build: Equip The Eye of Judgement relic paired with Lianhua Cone and support-focused traces to create a versatile support character that can heal and buff allies while dealing respectable damage.

These are just a few examples of how to combine relics, light cones, and traces to create a powerful Bailu build tailored to your playstyle. Feel free to experiment with different combinations to find the perfect balance for your character.

In conclusion, building a formidable Bailu in Honkai: Star Rail comes down to strategically equipping her with the right relics, light cones, and traces while upgrading them regularly. Use this guide as a reference and feel free to adapt it according to your preferred playstyle. With time and effort, you will master the art of creating an unstoppable Bailu build that dominates the battlefield!

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