Among Us: Guide on Playing as a Shapeshifter

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Dominic Hargreaves
18 Nov 2021
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The recent update of the iconic Among Us brought a lot of new roles for players. Most of them are available to Crewmates: Scientist, Engineer, or Guardian Angel. As for Imposters, there is only one new role, but this one changes the entire process. It’s called the Shapeshifter.

The main ability of Shapeshifters is to disguise themselves as any other living Crewmate. As you decide to change your appearance, you can choose any of them in the dropdown list. Not only does the appearance change, imitating all the cosmetics, but the name does as well. So, how do you play to win the game if you turned out to be a Shapeshifter?

The Abilities

The most unexpected thing about the Shapeshifter is that the abilities of the role are defined by the lobby creator. In the lobby, they can select the probability of an Impostor being a Shapeshifter, the duration of disguise, and whether physical evidence is left after the transformation. These factors affect the Shapeshifter’s manner. And these are to be considered when playing.

The General Logic

To win the game, the Shapeshifter should avoid disclosing. So here are the most obvious recommendations for making the most out of your ability.

  • Find a remote place for shapeshifting. An isolated remote room is the best choice. It may take long before anyone notices it.
  • Choose a place near a vent. As an Imposter, you can use vents to quickly move through the ship.
  • They should not see you transform, but they need to see you in constant shape. So hide when your disguise is about to wear out, and transform again. The rest of the time don’t try too hard to avoid any company.

Who Framed Roger Crewmate?

Along with technical aspects of shapeshifting (that is, HOW to transform), there are purposes – WHY you transform and WHEN you should do it. Some tricks are already well-known, and here they are.

For example, you can wait for a meeting when someone is falsely accused of being an Imposter. Then disguise as him and kill someone else, so the framed one cannot prove innocent. This trick, though, may fail for one of the two reasons. The first is the presence of a guardian angel. So it works better in the beginning when no one (or almost no one) is killed yet. The second is the general disbelief: experienced players may feel something wrong viscerally.

According to this, it makes no sense to disguise as a player who has already been tried and cleared. It will raise more suspicion.

Roles Change

While this ability is useful at the beginning of the game, it becomes useless and even dangerous as fewer players remain. So, no matter how much you’d like to do a trick in the endgame, you better keep from it. Use other imposter abilities, like moving through vents. They are not overridden by your Shapeshifter status.

And, of course, improvise! Playing by the book may be fun in the beginning. But the greatness of Among Us is that anything is possible here when players act as they do. So enjoy the game and decide when to use your ability and when to keep from it.


And have you already played as a Shapeshifter? What tricks did you use to succeed? Did they work? How did you neutralize a Shapeshifter as a Crewmate? And do you like the innovation at all? Let’s talk about the updated Among Us down here, in the comments!

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