A Guide on How to Spend Your Day Wisely in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Silas Fletcher
09 Oct 2023
A Guide on How to Spend Your Day Wisely in Disney Dreamlight Valley image

Disney Dreamlight Valley, a charming game filled with endearing Disney characters, offers a myriad of activities to keep players engrossed. While it's ultimately a stress-free gaming environment designed to be enjoyed at your own pace, part of the game's charm lies in strategic time management and daily task optimization. Therefore, we've taken time to carefully compile a guide to help players get the most out of each day in the valley.

Getting Closer to the Villagers: Friendship Fostering Tasks

Getting Closer to the Villagers Friendship Fostering Tasks

Making friends with Disney characters is an integral game element, and doing so can unlock quests and rewards. Each villager can be interacted with once per day, earning you 500 Friendship points per interaction. The other great way to foster relationships is through gifting. The game allows you to give a gift to each villager, with each villager having a list of three preferred items daily, rewarding bonus Friendship points.

Remy’s Restaurant and Your Furry Companions

Dreamlight Valley residents have a knack for good food. They come to Remy’s Restaurant twice a day in need of particular meals — an opportunity to earn more Friendship points. Also, don't forget about your autonomous Disney creature friends that roam around the Valley. Consistently feeding them their favorite food also awards you with Friendship points and can eventually unlock them as companions.

Shop and Collect

Shop and Collect

Scrooge's Store is packed with a variety of items, some even exclusive to the store. It's a good idea to frequently visit and purchase any items you don't own yet. Additionally, remember to be vigilant and eye out for Green and Blue Chests. These chests are randomly generated, with the Blue Chest in particular offering the game’s premium currency, Moonstones.

Stay Engaged in Gathering and Crafting Activities

This game is also about the simple life. It encourages activities such as farming with WALL-E’s garden, fishing with Moana’s boat, and delving into the world of flower cultivation with Beast’s Greenhouse. Each activity provides a variety of resources that are invaluable in the crafting process — a sure way to keep your collections growing. Moreover, seek out Prince Eric to gain access to unique crafting blueprints.

Immersing yourself in the enchanting world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, with its colorful characters and engaging activities, can be a magical experience. Although it's a tranquil, stress-free environment, keep in mind that managing your time well and completing these daily activities will make your adventure even more fruitful and rewarding.

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