YouTube Reveals Its Social Media Misinformation Approach

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Silas Fletcher
28 Aug 2021
YouTube Reveals Its Social Media Misinformation Approach image

The debate around social media misinformation policing involves super-complicated problems that don’t have clear-cut solutions. All tech giants and regulating authorities have different approaches to misinformation policing, but in this piece, we focus on the recently revealed YouTube’s perspective. 

Looking For Balance

From the words of YT Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan, the leading video hosting is in the searching for balanced solutions that will both fight misinformation and keep things straightforward enough for users. 

Amongst the most notable steps towards the goal was the removal of over 1 million videos that promote false information about COVID-19, cures against it, and more. Monah says that people deserve only the best info to keep safe during these dangerous times. 

Despite all the efforts of the Google-owned streaming giant, it remains extremely difficult to find, filter, and delete all the ineligible files as there are too many users worldwide. They publish millions of videos every minute, 24/7, and the challenge only keeps growing. YT manages to remove inappropriate videos almost immediately, but Mohan admits that it’s “not nearly enough.”

Another important improvement to the platform’s algorithms is the higher priority for videos from trusted sources. This change is aimed at reducing the reach of irrelevant content creators. YT wants to optimize search results based on content quality rather than sensationalism. 

Loads of Issues Coming

While removal of pandemic misinformation is relatively straightforward, it’s not how it is with loads of other topics. YT will definitely face a series of resounding controversies on the way to balance. What would you do to fight misinformation in social media? Let’s discuss this important issue in the comments. Invite your friends to join!

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