WhatsApp is Finally Getting Emoji Reactions

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Dominic Hargreaves
20 Apr 2022
WhatsApp is Finally Getting Emoji Reactions image

WhatsApp is always lagging behind Telegram in the features that it’s adding. The ‘new’ feature that WhatsApp is adding is the ability to add emoji reactions to messages that you’re getting without having to send them in a separate message. Meta spokesman, Joshua Breckman has stated that this feature will become available on all platforms fairly “soon”.

For now, the feature will be fairly limited, allowing you to choose from only 6 different emojis, including ‘thumb’s up’, ‘heart’, ‘laughing’, ‘surprised’, ‘crying’, and ‘praying’ emojis. Unfortunately, these emojis do not have the ‘thumb’s down’ emoji or any other “negative” emojis.

Will Cathcart has stated that more emojis and a variety of different skin tones will be made available in the future. Hopefully, we’ll soon see the ‘poop’, ‘cursing’, and other emojis in WhatsApp, similarly to what is currently available on Telegram

Additionally, WhatsApp has also shared the news that they will be expanding the file size that can be sent using their messenger. In the past, the largest file that you could send was only 100MB, which will now be expanded to 2GB. The number of people that can use voice calls simultaneously has also increased from 8 to 32.

Telegram, on the other hand, allowed people to send 2GB files for almost 2 years now. Hopefully, WhatsApp will one day stop lagging behind other popular messenger apps, especially considering the number of people that use their app.

Have you ever used reaction emojis in other apps? When do you think WhatsApp will add features that are not already available in Telegram? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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