Valve Has Made a Steam Link App for macOS

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Silas Fletcher
23 Mar 2021
Valve Has Made a Steam Link App for macOS image

Steam Link has been expanding gaming possibilities for a long time within the Windows ecosystem, but now it appears on Macs. According to the press release by Valve, this week the app will be available to download and run on Macs. This means that you can stream your game from any device it’s on to your Mac with Steam Link. The app will also enable Steam Controller and connect other gamepads and controllers.

While Macs are not generally perceived as gaming machines, this little release can be a big change. Now a Mac owner will only need a broadband Internet connection (for both the PC and the Mac) and a power socket. No matter if you are in the same local network or not, Steam Link will use your own PC with your game collection as a server, and your Mac as a client.

In the end, the experience will be just like if you had your games installed on the very Mac you carry. So, install this app on your MacBook (don’t say you’re short of memory: the app is just about 30M) and make sure your PC is on at home. This will deliver you all of its performance, and those using it locally will still be able to do stuff on it. Hardly will many people use their Macs as servers, but having Macs as clients will change the experience for more of them.

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