Underwhelming Fanfare Marks GTA V's Decade-Long Legacy

Silas Fletcher Avatar
Silas Fletcher
16 Sep 2023
Underwhelming Fanfare Marks GTA V's Decade-Long Legacy image

Rockstar is commemorating the 10th anniversary of the release of Grand Theft Auto V, marking a decade since the debut of its most successful game, and one of the all-time best-sellers that revolutionized open-world gaming and immersive gameplay experience.

Their choice of celebration, you may ask? A range of costumes on GTA Online for you to role-play as characters Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, coupled with additional rewards for classic missions. 

Though it might not be the grand jubilant ceremony that gets your adrenaline pumping, we should have anticipated this kind of understated affair. Rockstar is currently engrossed in the development of Grand Theft Auto VI. Nevertheless, it would have been appreciated to see some adulation shown to Grand Theft Auto V, which, excluding a sporadic heist, mirrors the same gaming experience it provided a decade ago–save for the addition of getting annihilated by lasers from all over the map.

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