Spotify Boosts Its Apps with New Features

Dominic Hargreaves Avatar
Dominic Hargreaves
18 May 2021
Spotify Boosts Its Apps with New Features image

After Apple announced lossless streaming in Apple Music for no extra fee, Spotify replies with new features in its Android and iOS apps. It has already introduced its own Hi-Fi mode; now, Spotify is after podcast audience and listeners (or even readers) with disabilities.

The first of the features is automatic podcast transcription (that works in English only so far). The text will appear on the screen as the podcast is playing, their speed synced. While in the beta phase it only works with select podcasts, Spotify plans to implement it for all the podcasts it offers. 

Other improvements include bigger and more distinct buttons and fonts that can be increased beyond system limitations, overriding its settings.

The new features are primarily meant to make Spotify more usable for people with disabilities. With podcast transcription, it starts making sense even for those unable to hear anything at all. Fonts and buttons now will be more comfortable for those with eyesight issues. 

But even for listeners that luckily have no disabilities, these innovations will make the app more comfortable (including podcast previewing). For example, bigger buttons are great for those who want simpler control but do not want to switch to Car View

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