Reviving History with a Twist: Dinosaurs are the New Vikings in RTS-RPG Game

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Dominic Hargreaves
10 Oct 2023
Reviving History with a Twist: Dinosaurs are the New Vikings in RTS-RPG Game image

In the ever-evolving world of gaming, we have become accustomed to refreshing and innovative creations that challenge the fundamental layers of history and biology. Here, we uncover the gripping concept behind Dinolords, an upcoming fusion of real-time strategy (RTS) and role-playing game (RPG), envisaged by the fledgling studio Northplay and facilitated through the publishing prowess of Ghost Ship Games.

Drawn into the volatile universe of Dinolords, the focal point is the development and survival of a hero character, vested with the noble duty of establishing a prosperous civilization. Supplement your settlement with villagers to sustain an adequate flow of resources and intricately train specialists, the lynchpins of your dominion's expansion. Steadily, your humble town transcends into a fortress, a bastion against enemy forces that wield the formidable power of dinosaurs.

The game's absorbing narrative offers an absurd yet delightful twist at the crosssection of historical timelines. Eric The Red, the real-life Norse explorer, uncovers a treasure that would redefine history forever: dinosaur eggs. Following their eventual hatching, these prehistoric beasts are tamed and bred for construction and warfare. The reign of Sweyn Forkbeard, the then king of Denmark, unleashes the first dinosaur-powered conflict, an invasion of England that leaves the English king, Æthelred the Unready, scrambling for a counter-offense.

Dinolords takes a bold stride in the sphere of gaming, employing a protagonist controlled by the player amid the unpredictable world of a real-time strategy setup. The amalgamation of RTS and RPG elements lends a unique dynamic to the game, bolstered by the fanatic appeal of dinosaurs. Perhaps the most promising aspect of this venture is its unapologetic embrace of the bizarre and unlikely. 

Nearing Early Access in the first quarter of 2025, Dinolords is an eccentric brainchild poised to disrupt the gaming landscape by interlacing fact and fiction, dinosaurs, and Vikings. This wacky fantasy summons our wildest imagination to the forefront, transforming gaming from mere leisure to an exciting, explorative endeavor. Be prepared for an influx of more dinosaur-tinged historical deviations as others follow suit!

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