PS5 Gets an Impressive Retro Makeover: A PlayStation 2 Theme to Celebrate its Legacy

Dominic Hargreaves Avatar
Dominic Hargreaves
09 Jan 2023
PS5 Gets an Impressive Retro Makeover: A PlayStation 2 Theme to Celebrate its Legacy image

The PlayStation 5 is the newest and most powerful console from Sony Interactive Entertainment, but it is not just about the raw power. The PS5 also celebrates its legacy as part of the Playstation family, and one owner found a unique way to do that. He modified his PS5 with a classic Playstation 2 theme, making it look like an ode to the consoles that came before it. 

This impressive makeover was revealed on Reddit by user u/Lord_Kazius, who posted pictures of his custom-made design. His post quickly went viral, with fans praising him for showing some creative love for Sony’s past hardware while still keeping up with modern technology. Lord_Kazius even provided instructions on how others could replicate his design if they wanted to bring back some nostalgia into their gaming setup. 

Using parts from the PC modding website ModDIY, Lord_Kazius created a custom sticker set featuring various iconic elements from the original PS2 console, such as buttons from the controller and discs from its library of games – all in matching colors so that everything fits together nicely. The end result was a beautiful homage to both old and new tech at once!  

But this isn’t just about good looks; this retro makeover also has practical benefits as well! Since many people have already begun collecting games for their new PS5, being able to easily identify which game is which can be extremely helpful when you have multiple titles in your library at any given time. Plus, having your own unique style will definitely turn heads – especially when your friends come over for online multiplayer sessions! 

To sum up: One creative fan has managed to combine contemporary technology with nostalgia by giving his PlayStation 5 an incredible retro makeover in tribute of previous consoles like PS2 - using custom stickers available through PC modding websites such as ModDIY - thus creating an eye-catching homage that also serves practical purposes in terms of game organization within one's collection. This is yet another example of how far creativity can go when combined with modern technology!

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