Pokémon Go Event Will Feature Two New Pokémon

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Silas Fletcher
04 Sep 2021
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September of this year is a fun time for any Pokémon fans, as the developers of the game are hosting their Psych Spectacular event. During this time, two Pokémon will be presented to the public and now we know who they are.

The event takes place from September 8th to 13th and the two Pokémon that were chosen as a surprise to players are Malamar, who is an Overturning Pokémon, and Inkay – a Revolving Pokémon. Also, during the Psych Spectacular event, the developers will reveal a new ‘Misunderstood Mischief’ storyline that is associated with the actions of Hoopa. In this story, we will see that all the different psychic Pokémon will be disturbed for some mysterious reason. As a trainer, you get an opportunity to catch them and also figure out what causes their unusual behavior. As you may expect, it has something to do with Hoopa.

Pokémon that you are most likely to run into in the wild are Gothita, Abra, Solosis, and Drowzee. If luck is on your side, you may also be able to catch Inkay and Elgyem. When it comes to the raids, there will also be psychic Pokémon depending on the type of raid. For instance, in a three-star one, you will have a chance to catch Medicham while the five-star raid will allow you to get Mega Slowbro and others.

Different Field Research Tasks will offer trainers an opportunity to run into Woobat and Inkay. And, if you are still wondering what is necessary for Inkay to evolve and turn into Malamar, there have to be particular circumstances, but the information on what this means will be revealed later.

There will also appear exclusive gifts and stickers dedicated to this event in the in-game shop and PokéStops.

What do you think about this event? Are you excited to catch the new Pokémon? Please, tell us what you think in the comments below!

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