Players Think Minecraft 1.20 Needs One Big Change

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Silas Fletcher
17 Aug 2022
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Minecraft 1.19.2 is now available, but many players are already guessing what the developers have prepared for them in the new version of their favorite game. And although there are a lot of various guesses and assumptions, one of them stands out against the general background.

For a long time, many players have noted the need for inventory processing. And this applies not so much to the visual aspect and drawing, but to the fact that the mechanics of using inventory require reworking. YouTuber xisumavoid described in detail his thoughts on this topic in a twenty-minute video, where he not only examined the problems in detail, but also suggested solutions.

All YouTuber's suggestions are somehow related to existing modifications that are created by the players. These include shulker chests for crafting items that automatically replenish materials, as well as the ability to build half-blocks and stairs using a base material. Also, good ideas that may see the light of day in version 1.20 include convenient switching between rows in the inventory, as well as the ability to put certain items into chests faster. If Mojang pays attention and considers these ideas, then Minecraft has a good chance of becoming an even more popular game.

Players literally gush with ideas and suggestions on the forums. The most sensible ideas include the following:

  • increase in the number of unique items and abandoned structures;
  • extending the functionality of the fletching table;
  • refreshing the Nether;
  • reworking of "Scraps and Salvage" with the addition of the archeology system;
  • cancellation of the innovation associated with the moderation system.

What updates do you think Minecraft version 1.20 needs? Do you agree with the opinion of youtuber xisumavoid? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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