New, Scrollable Posts and Reels are Being Tested Out by Instagram

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Silas Fletcher
11 May 2022
New, Scrollable Posts and Reels are Being Tested Out by Instagram image

TechCrunch reports that Instagram has begun testing a new, full-screen display that will bring the app closer to the latest trending displays. Thus, IG content will be closer to TikTok. This innovation was announced back in March during testing. Now Instagram has been focusing on promoting content in the Reels section since this format seems to be the most promising and in demand. Thus, according to official statistics of Meta, Reels accounts for more than 20% of the total time that users spend in the app.

The new company policy should not affect the location of Stories, but in the future, the approach will be flexibly adjusted to the needs of users. However, it will be possible to enjoy the convenience of simply using IG soon, and who knows, perhaps very soon Instagram will begin to be primarily associated with this section, and not with Stories.

The main problem of moving away from Stories in favor of IG is that the first one brings in the main income. Full-screen promotions are displayed between views of the Stories that the user has chosen. That is why Instagram does not aim to radically abandon this direction, however, as various monetization methods advance, sooner or later we will come to a turning point where Instagram content will be displayed in full screen mode.

Although this is not discussed yet, the upcoming update for IG is another stepping stone to the subsequent changes in the course of Instagram.

How do you feel about the improved display format of IG content? Which section of Instagram interests you more than the rest? Share your answers to these questions in the comments below.

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