Long-Awaited Killer Instinct Update Revitalizes Classic Fighting Game

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Silas Fletcher
19 May 2023
Long-Awaited Killer Instinct Update Revitalizes Classic Fighting Game image

Fans of the iconic fighting game "Killer Instinct" have a reason to rejoice, as a substantial update has arrived after years of silence. Considered one of the most impactful video games of the 90s, the Microsoft-owned franchise first launched in 1994 under Rare and continued to garner a dedicated following. This much-anticipated update has brought forward refreshed content, new mechanics, and enhanced visuals to the classic game, breathing new life into an old favorite.

Following a five-year period with no significant updates, gamers were surprised when Killer Instinct's developer's team, Blackley, released an update. The announcement detailed various improvements and additions to the game's roster as well as the user's online gaming experience. The patch includes character adjustments, such as fine-tuning hitboxes, damage outputs, and frame data, to ensure more balanced gameplay. Additionally, the user-interface improvements and online optimizations will provide a smoother and more enjoyable experience for gamers.

One of the most significant elements of this update is the Resolved a problem where Ranked mode on Steam caused both players to lose points upon leaving. Rectified an issue where certain PC Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users encountered locked characters while playing Definitive Edition on PC. All characters are now unlocked.

In conclusion, this long-awaited update for Killer Instinct has led to a revitalization of interest in the classic game, with improvements aimed at enhancing the overall gaming experience. The addition of a new character, Ghost, and the nostalgic '94 overlay option are just a few of the exciting features that have sparked excitement within the community. It is evident that dedicated fans appreciate the attention their beloved franchise has received, and it is hoped that this update will usher in a new era for Killer Instinct.

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