Logging in to Twitter with Apple or Google Accounts

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Silas Fletcher
04 Aug 2021
Logging in to Twitter with Apple or Google Accounts image

We have already got used to logging in to various services with your Twitter account. But now it gets reversed. Twitter is testing a new feature that will enable visitors to sign up with their existing Apple or Google accounts. This will make it simpler for those logging in from smartphones and not only, though with some limitations.

The integration level is high. According to those lucky ones who had access to the new authentication system, authenticating with Google requires no emails or passwords. It even transfers your user pictures from your Google account if you have one. From Apple accounts, it fetches any other data except for user pics, but the overall process is just as simple. While signing up with Google or Apple accounts is significantly easier, it also keeps your accounts on various services linked. A good thing if you keep it secure enough. 

The feature works on both iOS and Android, both on the Web and in mobile apps, regardless of the platform. Of course, there is a slight asymmetry: you can use your Google account on any platform, but signing up with Apple ID is only possible on iOS. Even on Macs, you can only sign up with Google on the website. Nevertheless, the rumor has it that Apple ID will soon be available on the web too. 

Authentication with Apple also lacks some important features. For example, you won’t be able to manually change your Twitter password as it is generated by Apple and stored within iOS. Moreover, you cannot simply disconnect your Apple account from the Twitter one (while Google users can). The explanation might lie in Twitter's intention to implement signing in primarily with Google. But, as the App Store requires, third-party authentication for apps available should also include authentication with Apple ID. This might explain why Twitter launches it half-done.

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