Instagram to Filter DM’s and Block Abusers

Dominic Hargreaves Avatar
Dominic Hargreaves
24 Apr 2021
Instagram to Filter DM’s and Block Abusers image

While Instagram is the perfect environment to connect with people and become popular, it is also an easy place to become stalked, bullied, or abused. Now it comes with a new set of ideas that should protect its users from such an unwanted sort of attention.

The first development is the set of words, entire phrases, and even emoji that can signify a situation of abuse. The set will include both the correct and the most common incorrect spellings, in case someone intendedly or not misspells these words. Well, the AI may be far from perfect, but in case it accidentally bans a joking message from your friend or, say, a fragment of a screenplay regarding such things, you can make it right via other channels.

What’s the most important, even if your abuser creates a new account to keep their unpleasant activity, they will be recognized and blocked again sooner than they hope.

When it comes to AI things, language matters. So the new filters will be launched in certain countries only. The list includes the U.K., Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and also France and Germany. Other countries will start to get this update later. As it’s server-based, hardly will it cause any compatibility issues or depend on the device you use.

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