GTA V Gets Heckled: 200k Dislikes

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Silas Fletcher
16 Sep 2021
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Rockstar prepares a new release: GTA V Expanded & Enhanced. Suddenly, PS5 players didn’t like its new trailer. Let’s see why.

Since there’s a new generation of consoles on the market — and we’re talking about PlayStation 5 first and foremost — some “flagship” games need to catch up with their nextgen hardware architecture.

GTA V is one of such titles. Its new version dubbed Expanded & Enhanced promises to unleash the potential of PS5 in all its glory. This includes sharper visuals with a juicier color palette, better detail, improved physics, and so forth.

However, the trailer of the upcoming game caused disapprobation among the fans. The dislike rate has been quickly and steadily growing since the moment the video was uploaded — September 10. 

Currently, it rests at the 204k dislikes, showing that the video devolved from a promo material into a real auto-da-fé. Which is, according to some commentators, is an obvious call for the Rockstar to “repent their avariciousness”.

Above all else, the viewers ridiculed the trailer for looking exactly identical to its 2013 version. Even when it’s set to the maximum resolution. Another reason for this peevishness is that the studio shows no ambition to present any news about GTA 6. 

At this point, some viewers believe that GTA 6 may be a bogus project, which exists to only attract attention and help sell more DLCs for GTA V, which “still serves as a primary cash cow”.  

Here’s what some comments have to say:

  • “I’m convinced GTA V will never go away”, 
  • “There is nothing like watching the same trailer for 8 years”, 
  • “I finally realize what the “theft” in Grand Theft Auto 5 is referring to”
  • “Rockstar is like a pizza company that sells you a reheated microwave pizza for the 3rd time, and asks full price as if it's a fresh pizza.”

Check this historic trailer and leave your own bit of opinion.

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