GTA V for Next-Gen Consoles May Be Delayed Again

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Silas Fletcher
20 Jan 2022
GTA V for Next-Gen Consoles May Be Delayed Again image

While the original GTA V was released in 2013, it’s still extremely popular, especially in its online version. Still, the game has not been released for the next-gen consoles yet, and it seems that fans will have to wait again, this time until March 2022.

As far as it has been officially stated, the release of the next-gen version was scheduled for March 2022. The recent discovery by a data miner known as Matheusvictorbr, though, raises some reasonable doubts about it. According to Matheusvicrotbr’s tweet, Rockstar still plans to release the updated version in March, but no one can grant it will take just as long. A new delay is possible, and though it will probably take a month or two, the delay will frustrate many fans.

As the leak has it, Rockstar officials are quite aware of the situation. Soon they may step up with an official statement that will say whether the release will be delayed, and if so, will it be April or May. The current lack of any statements (while March is closer) already does say a lot.

It’s natural of Rockstar to not repeat its notorious failure with the remastered GTA Trilogy. The question is whether this new delay will help it polish the game as it deserves it. Still, we have been waiting quite a long time. Initially, the next-gen version was scheduled in November 2021, but it had to be delayed for – or so we hope – polishing and debugging to save the disappointment raised by The Trilogy. Maybe (though it’s never been confirmed), the release will also contain some new content, even purely cosmetic.

Are you counting hours to see how the iconic game looks and feels on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series S/X? How long have you been playing GTA V and what do you expect from the upcoming version? Do you hope they will add any new content? If you have something to say, welcome to the comments!

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