Exploring the Unexpected Similarities: Final Fantasy 16 World and Naruto

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Silas Fletcher
16 Jul 2023
Exploring the Unexpected Similarities: Final Fantasy 16 World and Naruto image

In the world of fantasy games, Square Enix's latest offering, Final Fantasy 16, is making waves not just for its immersive medieval setting but also for its surprising parallels to the popular anime series Naruto. At first glance, the game's universe, Valisthea – a landscape of ancient ruins, bustling cities, and magical mothercrystals – may seem akin to the gritty realms of Game of Thrones. However, a closer look reveals a world more rooted in the imaginative spheres of Naruto.

Valisthea, much like the shinobi world of Naruto, is powered by a supernatural source. The mothercrystals of Final Fantasy 16, which endow humans with magic, are reminiscent of the God Tree fruit from Naruto, which introduced chakra into the human world. Furthermore, both realms have been sculpted by wars seeking control over these mystical powers.

Perhaps the most striking similarity lies in the existence of the Dominants and the Eikons in Final Fantasy 16 and the jinchuriki and the Tailed Beasts in Naruto. The Dominants, like the jinchuriki, harness the extraordinary powers of the Eikons and the Tailed Beasts, respectively. Both these figures form crucial elements of power dynamics in their respective worlds.

In an intriguing parallel, the Dominants and the Eikons, much like the jinchuriki and the Tailed Beasts, are distributed among various nations for the sake of balance and order. However, ironically, they often end up being the epicenters of conflict. These shared motifs between the two narratives highlight the similar story structures deep within their fantastical exteriors.

To conclude, Final Fantasy 16 might seem to draw heavily from Naruto in its world-building, but it nonetheless carves out its own identity through its compelling characters and engaging narrative. The allure of fantasy settings lies in their ability to transport audiences to unique realms, and both Final Fantasy 16 and Naruto achieve this spectacularly while weaving in stories that resonate with their audiences. Final Fantasy 16 is a testament to the universal nature of storytelling and the power of diverse inspirations.

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