Clubhouse Introduces Payments for Paid Meetings

Dominic Hargreaves Avatar
Dominic Hargreaves
06 Apr 2021
Clubhouse Introduces Payments for Paid Meetings image

While the estimated net worth of Clubhouse is way above $1B, it’s just launching the first tools that help its active users benefit from conducting conferences and talks. The tool named “Clubhouse Payments” is the monetization method many active speakers have been waiting (and hoping) for. With it, creators can receive payments from listeners.

It looks rather like donations than a like subscriptions. Still, it depends on the creator’s policy. One can only enable payments in their profile, otherwise, payments will not be available. The company refused to comment this publicly, only hinting that it’s the first but not the only tool of this sort. So far, it’s testing the features with a small group of testers, after which the function will roll out to the entire user mass.

The way Clubhouse benefits from that is not obvious. It claims it takes nothing from the transferred money; the little share for processing goes to the processing partner. The upcoming ones may have even more features – like text messages that are so far unavailable, or an audio analog of OnlyFans and other providers of exclusive content. Along with that, Clubhouse promotes creating quality content by special grant programs.

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