Artist Makes Stunning Tributes to Hylia from The Legend of Zelda

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Silas Fletcher
13 Apr 2022
Artist Makes Stunning Tributes to Hylia from The Legend of Zelda image

All the popular video games have fans that enjoy creating artworks inspired by games. The same can be said about one of the most beloved games, The Legend of Zelda.

Recently, an artist under the name of @edlothian on Instagram and Twitter started sharing the Hylia statues that he makes as a tribute to the statue that appears in The Legend of Zelda. All regular players of the game have seen this statue when playing Breath of the Wild. Seeing this statue in the game is definitely fun, as it represents a connection between different games in the series. As the game is all about adventures in nature, it is surely symbolic that Hylia looks half-ruined with nature slowly taking over.

Edlothian makes stunning small dioramas and statues and a lot of them are dedicated to the Legend of Zelda. The Hylia statues that the artist created are made with incredible attention to detail. The Hylia statue looks as if it has appeared right from the Breath of the Wild game and the artist even included leaves and moss creeping up the statue from the bottom.

When it comes to dioramas, they are particularly impressive. In the diorama, the statue is located right in the middle of the composition surrounded by an old temple. The level of realism achieved by the artist is truly incredible, so there are already a lot of fans that want to have such dioramas in their homes.

In addition to working on the art inspired by the Breath of the Wild, Edlothian also dedicated some art to the Forest Temple. The page features a recreation of a Wallmaster, a Deku Baba, and also a creepy room in which players can battle with Phantom Ganon. These are only some of the artworks created by edlothian and all the fans of the game should definitely see his gallery.

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