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Amazing Frog? Review


Silas Fletcher

The game was developed by Fayju. Amazing Frog came out in 2014. It is available for PCs only. The game has a low number of reviews on Steam. We can’t say it is popular, but you can give it a try. 

Gameplay Features 5/5

The game has no plot, but you shouldn’t forget that it was designed just for fun. You don’t need to use your smart to achieve the goals as there are none. The frog walks across the city and does whatever it wants. You can run, drive vehicles, or use various weapons to kill the enemies. 

The main area of activities is SwindonShire, UK. There are also some other locations where you can play. The best part of it is that you can play together with your friends using the split-screen features. Amazing Frog offers a whole bunch of vehicles and weapons, as well as various costumes to unlock. This is a funny clone of GTA.

There are also various obstacles that you need to surpass. Use the trampoline to jump to the skies. Physics is also amazing, allowing you to interact in a funny way with lots of items and constructions in the game.

Graphics 5/5

You shouldn’t expect much from the graphics. If you compare it to GTA, you will be disappointed. However, we would like to remind you that you are playing a funny game with no serious plot. The main idea is to entertain you for a couple of hours. Moreover, the developers focus on the mass usage of the game allowing you to play it on weak PCs even.

Controls 5/5

Amazing Frogs allows you to use a keyboard and mouse combination as well as a gamepad. You can set up your own buttons to improve your gaming experience. You don’t need to have previous skills to play this game. 


Amazing Frog is a funny game with lots of features and items to use and to wear. This is a frog life simulator where you can do whatever you want, going anywhere. To play it, you need to buy Amazing Frog via Steam. It is still marked as an Early Access game meaning the developers are working on it. 

Why We Love It

  • Amazing Frog is an open-world frog life simulator;

  • The game offers a whole bunch of vehicles, items, and costumes to wear;

  • The graphics in the game is of low quality, but it is funny.

What Can Go Wrong

  • The game is for a limited target audience.

  • It has low replay value; you will not spend weeks to play it.


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